Interventional Radiology

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Interventional Radiology
300 Pasteur Drive, Rm H3600
Stanford, CA 94305
Phone: Outpatient Consultation Clinic - (650) 723-3893
Procedure Consult Request - (650) 736-9081
Fax: (650) 725-0533 or (650) 736-7734

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We will gladly contact the patient to schedule either a procedure or clinic visit and provide appropriate instructions.

Please fax us a referral along with any pertinent medical records. If you have access to be able to send imaging studies (actual images on CD), please forward them to the address above. Our requested images and lab testing is listed below, however we are happy to help coordinate this testing when appropriate.

An initial consultation typically takes 60 - 90 minutes. If your office is scheduling multiple appointments for the same day, please allow enough time between appointments, so that we can provide the best care possible.

For all in-patient referrals:

For administrative issues and fellow applications:
Phone: (650) 724-7362, option 3

In addition to the above:

We offer outpatient consultations in the following areas:

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