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Interventional Radiology Clinic

The Stanford Interventional Radiology Clinic provides the appropriate venue for the physicians to evaluate the patient and coordinate the services needed to deliver the highest quality of care. Not only does it serve as a focal point for referrals but also guarantees optimal continuity of care.

Patients that are being considered for a complex procedure or patients with significant medical problems are evaluated in our clinic prior to scheduling them for the procedure. The visit allows for review of the patient's medical history, review appropriate imaging studies and, request additional exams if needed, followed by formulating an appropriate treatment plan for the patient in conjunction with the referring physician. Appropriate risks, benefits and alternative plans are discussed in detail with the patient.

The IR clinic also facilitates optimal continuity of care. Following a major procedure, all patients may be scheduled for a follow-up appointment following discharge from the hospital. The first follow-up visit is usually within a few weeks to a month of the procedure, in order to address any procedure related complications and provides optimal post-op care. Additional follow-up visits are scheduled based on the disease process and services are rendered until the desired results are achieved.

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